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Welcome to A Day in the Life: Memoirs from the Middle East blog!

The genre of memoir invites the reader to share in the intimacy of memories and partake in a small part of the writer’s life story.  As the author recreates a period from her past, s/he may invoke a sense of nostalgia or wistfulness. Some memoirists may seek to share wisdom gained and lessons learned from previous experiences while others may aim to amuse and entertain.

This series includes a diverse collection of memoirs, some of which are focused on the personal, some draw attention to the political, and others emphasize a nostalgic longing for history.  The books span a wide geographic range and provide male and female perspectives.  Some of the books were written in the author’s native language – whether Arabic or Turkish – and some were written in English for an American audience.

This blog will provide a forum for ongoing discussion about the books read in the Day in the Life book club and the issues they raise.  We invite you to contribute your thoughts, reflections, and questions as you read the books and continue to think about themes that permeate our discussions.  To respond to a blog posting, enter your thoughts in the comment box below.  To submit a blog posting, contact Elisheva Cohen, Outreach Coordinator for the Middle East Studies Center, at e.cohen@pdx.edu.

Thanks for your interested in this series; we look forward to reading your comments, feedback and thoughts!



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  1. Janet Hutchins says:

    Will the Language of Baklava discussion be rescheduled?

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