October, 2013

Inside the Walls of Fez

Inside the Walls of Fez Check out this great article, shared by Patty McWayne, about Fez.  The pictures give a nice visual to go along with the book we read....

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Language of Baklava: Discussion Questions

I hope you’re enjoying Language of Baklava, by Diana Abu-Jaber.  Below are some questions to guide your reading.  We welcome your thoughts and comments on the blog! 1. In the memoir, Abu-Jaber’s father Bud constantly uses food to reassure himself that his connection to his origins and family are not lost, and to attempt to connect his children to that heritage. Why, do you believe, does food hold power to forge such connections? What foods remind you of such connections? 2. Some immigrant children reject their ethnic foodways (at least temporarily) in an effort to become Americanized. Despite Diana Abu-Jaber’s temporary rebellions, she never does. Why might that be so, given her larger feelings about her father and her family? 3. One important theme in this book is finding one’s place as a person between cultures. Do you believe that such accommodation happens for Diana? If so, how does she accomplish it? Or does she end up identifying herself more one way than another? 4. Although the themes of The Language of Baklava are serious, the book is full of humor. What does the humor add? Do humor and food go together, in some ways, for you? 5.  How does this book compare to Girls of the Factory, by M. Laetitia Cairoli? Do the books share common themes and ideas? What are some of the differences in the books? How does The Language of Baklava add to your understanding of the Middle...

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